Cliffview Church of God

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Vision Statement for Cliffview Music Ministry

Every person involved in the Cliffview Music Ministries should feel the call of God upon their life to play a vital role in fulfilling the mission He has given us. God has called us to be pure in heart, to lead others in worship and to win lost souls for Christ. We believe that He has commissioned us to take part in the goal our church has to reach our city and region for Christ.

Only God can change men and women into His image. His manifest presence inhabits the praises of His people as they begin to worship Him "in spirit and in truth".  The musicians and singers have been commissioned to create the atmosphere in which true heartfelt worship can be offered to our creator.  In His presence, everyone is touched by His power and renewed by His Holy Spirit.  There we find freedom, healing, salvation, joy, encouragement and so much more!

Worship Prayer

Therefore, we will echo on earth the worship that originates in heaven. Our worship will not cease to fill the atmosphere and we will invite the presence of God into our world by preparing a throne of praise on which He may sit to rule and reign. 

Interested in Joining the Choir?

Do you have a song in your "heart?"  The choir is eager for new members to join and give praise to the Lord. If you would like to be a part of our choir please contact our Music Minister Angie Fleming at the church office or after a service.  Choir practice is typically on Sunday nights at 6pm.